In addition to my “day job” and my personal/professional photography, I also teach several 10-week classes and 2-3 day workshops at Photoworks in Glen Echo park in Glen Echo MD every semester. Photoworks is a space for working photographers and students of photography to learn, create, and collaborate through hands-on and virtual classes, a massive darkroom, and a gallery space in the heart of the arts community in Glen Echo.

I also provide provide private classes, workshops, and mentoring in my studio. Please inquire with your needs.

Classes and Workshops

Advanced Black and White Darkroom Photography
This course is for experienced black and white film photographers who want to fine tune their camera and darkroom techniques. Topics include advanced metering and exposure techniques, film processing strategies, and making fine art prints in the darkroom. We will feature regular special guests who will share their photography journeys and areas of specialization.

Intro Black and White Darkroom Photography
This course is for those who love taking black and white photos and want to learn the basics of developing film and printing in the darkroom. We will go over camera function, metering and making good exposures, film processing, and basic to intermediate darkroom printing.

Intro to Studio Lighting Workshop
This hands-on workshop will explore the basics of studio lighting equipment and techniques. We will focus on common lighting methods for portraits, products, and still life with backgrounds, stands, monolights and power pack lights, common light modifiers (including softboxes, reflectors, umbrellas, etc.), and triggers for most common digital and film cameras.

Large Format View Camera Photography Workshop
If you have ever wanted to unlock the mysteries of 4×5 or bigger large format film cameras, this workshop is for you which will blend classroom instruction and hands-on experience with both field and studio large format view cameras. We will explore the construction and function of the view camera including lenses, film holders, camera movements (tilt, rise, shift,) focusing, depth of field, needed gear, and various calculations to make proper exposures.

Excellent Still Life by my Lighting Workshop Class February 2022
Lighting Workshop Summer 2021