Fine Art

I am constantly awed by the beauty around me. My eye is drawn to the fall of light on a scene or object and I see it in my mind’s eye as a finished expression, a print of the gracious equivalent of what is before me that I want to share.

The final form of this expression is the fine art print, either executed in the traditional black and white analog darkroom using film and fiber-based silver gelatin paper, or with modern archival fiber-based ink jet printing for digital images.

Most of my subject matter to date is nature and landscape out in the world, or I bring nature into my studio in some way. My goal is to create an “equivalent” and free the subject from literal interpretation to enable the viewer to have a pure experience with my vision of beauty, and to share the decisive moment of grace when I saw, visualized, and captured the image.

Images below are renders of darkroom prints at approximately 15″x15″ scale, silver albumin on double-weight fiber-based paper, selenium toned.