My spacious multi-room studio is located in the heart of Historic Downtown Frederick, Maryland. Rooms feature 12.5′ ceilings, large West-facing windows, 25′ depth, and 15′ width with ample room for full-body portraits and small groups. One room has white walls, and the other has black walls, and multiple seamless backgrounds are available as well as a few curated pieces of fine furniture. Multiple options exist to modify the bare historic hardwood floors including various rugs, hides, and fabrics.

The large West-facing windows provide beautiful light in addition to state-of-the-art Profoto lighting with a full array of professional light modifiers and wireless operation. For digital imaging, I rely upon my Nikon D850 and Df kits as well as my color and monochrome Leica Q2 cameras when I can get away with it. For analog, I rely upon my Sinar P2 4×5, Hasselblad 501CM, and Mamiya RB67 rigs or even my vintage Nikon F2 collection.

The studio is ideal for portraits, headshots, beauty and glamour, fashion editorial, product, and still life imagery.

LED and continuous light sources are available from Intellytech along with Rode microphones for small scale video and audio work.

Please call or email for inquiries about my services and studio rental.